A morning view


Yesterday morning northern zealand in Denmark was covered in fog, so I decided to take my camera with me. While driving to work I had to stop to take some photos in the beautiful foggy weather. This is one of them.

I used a Sony alpha 900 + a Sony 20 f/2.8 for this photo.
It’s shot @ f/11 and 1/6 sec handheld @ ISO 400.

Location: Frederikssund, Denmark

What happens efter a sunset?

SONY Alpha 900

What happens after a sunset

There is no people on earth that hate to look at a sunset and the beautiful colors a sunset paint the sky in. In the small town skagen (gammel skagen) here in Denmark, it’s very common for the tourists to gather on the beach and look at the sunset.

When the last part of the sun disappears under the horizon people make applauds. Shortly after everyone is gone. But even several hours after a sunset it’s possible to admire the beautiful colors of the sky at least here in Denmark. That is exactly what I have tried to capture here.

The photo are not from skagen, famous for the special light, but from the beautiful Danish island Bornholm. In the left part of the photo you can se “Hammeren” which is a place on Bornholm with extraordinary beautiful nature seen nowhere else in Denmark.

I recommend everyone to visit Bornholm at least once. I hope you like my writing and the photo.

Photo data: Eposure 10.5 minute, f/8, 24mm, ISO 100.

Artania in Norway


Today was another grey day here in Denmark. Low static clouds rendered the landscape as was it an low contrast B&W photo. I did not have any opportunity yet to shoot some photos so here is once again a photo from beautiful Norway. Hope you will like it!

Kind regards
David Cartagena